Mar 282012

Here is what a helicoil is and how to use one.

Helicoil 5334-14 Save-A-Thread Thread Repair Kit M14 x 1.25

Sav-A-Thread is the easiest way to permanently repair stripped spark plug hole threads. Virtually all engines built today have aluminum cylinder heads. Combining this with the growing number of do-it-yourselfers and the need for quick, easy, on-the-spot repairs makes Sav-A-Thread a must for every store and shop.

  22 Responses to “How to helicoil”

  1. Thanks for the info. Gonna use a Helicoil to fix a stripped starter-mount thread for my old Plymouth Road Runner. Sweet!

  2. Good deal, its a lot easier than it looks. Once you do it the first time you’ll swear by them.

  3. Show, don’t tell.

  4. May be a while before i need to make that movie. I dont’ really have anything i need to helicoil.

    Its pretty simple though.

  5. It should, i had to use it on my dakota brake holding bracket. It goes through, i just put some permatex red on it and threaded it in. Once they are in they pretty much are perfect.

    Just drill and tap it, should fix the problem. Doesn’t really matter if you can see through it or if it’s a bolt hole in an engine block.

  6. i had a spark plug fly out of my engine and i put the spark plug back in and tighten it and a few weeks later it happened again. does anyone no why ??

  7. Is it a late ’90’s model Ford Mustang. They didn’t have many threads for the plugs to snug into. There’s actually a recall for it, however you need a new head.

    If thats not what you have chances are the the threads are buggered up and only a few are gripping. May be time for a thread insert like i show.

  8. no sorry i forgot to say its a Mitsubishi lancer.

    Thanks for the reply ill give that a go.

  9. the thread for the motor mount is stripped on my bottom engine block. the only problem is my motor is in the car so it doesn’t have much clearnece. i have a 91 integra. any idea what i should do?

  10. You could try to helicoil that but thats going to need a thread insert like i showed though. Depending on how large the hole is you may have to just try tapping it.

    Is it the motor mount that is in front of the transmission. If so i don’t have a real good answer for you. I would try to retap it with a tool. Probably don’t need a helicoil yet. If it is that bad most likely you going to have to find a way to get to it.

    I dont have a good answer on that one besides pulling the engine.

  11. thankyou for your advice. i need all this info for my new job. i said in the interview “i have never had anything to do with plant” (jcb diggers), but some how ended up doing them anyway! i have faced these logistical problems and required your good advice, and it payed off. thankyou very much

  12. your very welcome, hopefully i can make a few more videos soon. I’d love to help people save some more money.

  13. hi im having problems helicoiling the bottom block on my engine the treads went and i couldnt torque my headbolt i have the kit to do it but i dnt seem to be able to set the coil to the correct depth and ideas?

  14. @YooTooPoo I’m not sure i understand what your talking about but if you do a heli-coil right it is permanent. But the tap, the coil, and the tool i think costs around 13 or 15 dollars if i remember right.

  15. @YooTooPoo maybe for a spark plug/compression style.

    Just hit up autozone or napa. They can tell you what you need to get.

  16. Cool………thanks for posting.

  17. should have gotten red for the higher temps

  18. @Thomas0zero Thats an excellent point. Not sure why i didn’t use red on spark plugs.

  19. @YooTooPoo
    I’m helicoiling for the same reason. No, the threadlocker will be sure to lock the ring into the cranks which you will screw your pedals into. The threadlocker will be between the the ring and the cranks.
    Yeah man I got some new cranks and was bummed they were stripped until I found out I could helicoil. g/l

  20. Thumbs up if you stopped watching this because he couldnt hold the camera 🙂

  21. @KawaTriple250 its about $40 as per a couple weeks ago

  22. @YooTooPoo The easiest fix for your problem is to just throw the fixie in a lake and get a real bike.

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