Apr 122012

How To Replace Snowblower Muffler on a Tecumseh Engine. Visit my channel for more repair videos. www.youtube.com

Permatex 24200 Threadlocker Blue

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  14 Responses to “How To Replace Snowblower Muffler”

  1. Ha..Ha..Ha…i just removed my muffler last week and sure enough i busted a bolt off….drill and tap ..had to check my head bolts so i removed the muffler and the nightmare began.. head bolts were a little loose the two under the fuel tank bracket. everything is back together now i wish my bolts came out that easy lmao

    hey donyboy is there a o ring on the oil dipstick on them tecumseh ?

  2. on the parts list it shows an o-ring between the top of filler tube and oil cap.
    if you send me your email and engine model i can email you a parts list

  3. there is an o-ring that sits at the bottom of the threads on the filler tube.

  4. thanks donyboy73..i asked because, i been working on my 9hp tecumseh looking for air leak on any gaskets ,breather tube, muffler was loose,
    and i read that there can be a o ring on the filler tube, & that it can cause a problem,….mine did not have one ,thats why i asked ..thanks again for all your help i`ll go down to my parts shop and get one…

  5. will anything happen if the engine was ran without the muffler?

  6. might overheat a bit, doesn’t run as good without that back pressure

  7. Nice video.

  8. lollollollollollollollollol

  9. hi, how do i know if i need to replace my muffler?

  10. it migh rattle and be loud and full of holes

  11. alright. what does it mean when it smokes like crazy right in my face?

  12. could be burning oil maybe

  13. No gasket?

  14. Ive busted my bolts off in the block on my engine from a free snowblower i picked up, I know how to fix them but cannot seem to find a parts diagram for the engine. Its a tecumseh/Craftsman Model Number 143627042. Please help if you can and send a pdf to necroslayer96@gmail.com
    Thankyou very much and have a merry christmas

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