Aug 172012

Assembling the cylinder, crankshaft and piston together. Visit my channel for more repair videos;

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  25 Responses to “Repair of Stihl MS250 Chainsaw PARTIAL ENGINE REBUILD – Part 1 of 4”

  1. dony thanks for the videos just rebuilt my locked up ms250 i had to cut the otter Races of the bearingand use a bearing spliter in a press to get the inner races off, the to jaw puller i bought like yours just bent and wouldn;t pull them off, Installed New Piston rings bearings and seals, used left over honda bond sealant i had left over fron an oil pan replacement on a honda van, got it all together and it runs great now thanks for the videos!!

  2. thanks for watching

  3. This was awesome!!! i have the same saw that i just replaced the piston and rings(thanks to this set of videos) and it actually ran today. I am stunned. thank you so much. repair shop wanted like 200 and change to fix it.

  4. nice to hear that

  5. my wife came home from shopping and said “tell me the saw is working” i said yeah and she was like you better thank him. i said “already did” again thank you thank you thank you.

  6. lol, now you can buy the wife something with the cash you saved

  7. hey wondering if you can help me out. i bought a HUSQvarna 435 refurbed from dealer online in case i couldn’t get the 250 to work(thanks to your video it purrs now). Problem with the 435. if i tighten the bar nut too tight the chain wont spin and if i back off on the nut the bar wobbles and the chain comes off. any tricks that you know of. Thanks again.

  8. it’s probably not a husqvarna bar and this is what sometimes happens with aftermarket bars. try another bar

  9. what to do if it says that it is a Husky Bar. sorry to be a nudge.

  10. i would still try another bar

  11. OK sounds like a plan. i really appreciate it.

  12. what site do you use to get stihl parts from

  13. stihl dealer or ebay only

  14. Dony I’ve got a Stihl 250 and it’s often clogging up so that the chain lube stops flowing. I’m generally cutting pine and gum on our property. I’d love to know how to fix that myself rather than taking it into the repair shop all the time. Have you got a video on that?

  15. How did you remove the bearing? Did you install new rings in this saw?

  16. Do you know where I can find a tear-down video?

  17. watch?v=0m22-0Vo6Ic&feature=relmfu 😉

  18. Hi, Can you tell me which of your videos which be most appropriate to assist me with changing the piston, seals & gasket on my MS180. I stupidly put unmixed petrol in it and ran it till it stopped and now it will not start.

  19. this series here will be the most similar

  20. Thanks. After doing some further reading yesterday it appears that I may have killed the chainsaw. In your experience do you think this may well be the case & that it wouldn’t be worth me trying to repair it?

  21. not worth it with an oem kit, but maybe an aftermarket kit, though it may not last as long

  22. what would have coursed that?

  23. i think there was a faulty bearing

  24. Probably cheaper to buy new .  hmm.

  25. where did your friend get all that new parts from ?

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