Mar 312012

Watch John @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine repair a stripped oil line feed in a motorcycle cylinder head.

Briggs & Stratton 393010S Lo-Tone Muffler For 5-8 HP Horizontal and Vertical Engines with 3/4-Inch NPT

This Briggs & Stratton Lo-Tone muffler is for 5-8 HP horizontal and vertical engines with 3/4-inch NPT.

  21 Responses to “Stripped Thread Repair”

  1. awesome! first view of a cool vid.

  2. Very slick.

  3. neat

  4. man these videos are educational

  5. Nice demo. Got someone out of a spot!

  6. what’s the difference between conventional parts store lock-tite and the lock-tite you use in your shop?

  7. is it graphite based?

  8. How much would this run, John? Almost every single spark plug thread has been stripped on my car (BMW M60B40 V8) 🙁

    Although, if I were to take off my heads I would also be temped to get a valvejob done. How much would it cost to have new valves, valve guides, valve retainers, etc installed?

    Floating around ideas, trying to budget my future repairs/upgrades 🙂

  9. There isn’t any, he’s wrong. Blue Loc-Tite is blue Loc-Tite no matter where you get it.

  10. Dude, take a look at the color of this blue, its not light blue, its dark – and yes there are differences when you buy commercial and not consumer products.

  11. Consumer or commercial, you’re still getting anaerobic cyanoacrylate adhesive of parallel bonding strength. It is chemically identical. “We use the special stuff”, is either propaganda or wishful thinking. I’m an aerospace machinist and was trained by Loctite factory reps.

  12. There were a couple of applications that called for the use of high temperature loc-tite. It was in the catalogs, but none of the usual suspects had it stocked. Henkle / Loc-tite  were major PITA’s to work with so I called Permatex. 3 days later I had a free sample of their high temp equivalent + a bonus rtv of some sort. They were an absolute pleasure to work with compared to Henkel / Loc-tite.

    They were good years ago before they were bought up.

  13. ya what he said

  14. people need to stop arguing about his loc-tite comment. This guy is awesome and producings great videos and work! Thanks John!

  15. Good work John, i have used these timeserts on head bolt repairs on northstar 4.6 engine and if they will hold head bolts they sure will hold that banjo fitting…

  16. putbthe tap in the chuck and turn a few times, this will ensure the tap is square. remove the tap from the chuck and finish as normal. patrick

  17. i have an 87 audi 4000 and i stripped one of the spark plug ports…cant find parts enywere and i live in canada. dont know what to do!

  18. hi.
    i have a model plane engine and the glow plug stripped the piston head thing where it screws in. i need to be able to screw it in and be able to hold a lot of air/explosion compression.

  19. your obviously very experienced so this wont apply to you john,just a little tip for alighning the tap perfectly square to the hole, insert the tap in the drill press and bring it down to the hole with barely any pressure held on the handle you can rotate the chuck by hand and cut the threads with ease if you find it hard to turn just insert a drift in the chuck holes to add a bit of leverage. just make sure to unplug the drill press to save any accidents

  20. how would i do this to the threads on a crankshaft pulley, while the engine is still in the vehicle? im working on a dodge intrepid 2001 2.7l. I couldnt screw the bolt back in threads on that were messed up then i fixed that but now i realized the threads on the crank are gone aswell. -any ideas?

  21. man who taught you how to tap threads lol

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